Thursday, April 17, 2014

New to the Collection

I do a lot of paintings with balancing objects, and found this little toy called "Whirling Wilmer!"    I found it on Ebay, and the seller said it was from the 1880s.  I'm not sure about that date, but I have another one that is painted and came with the box (!) that dates from the 1920s.   Wilmer comes with a ladder to balance on, and when you tap him, he "bobs" and "whirls" in a circle!

I used Whirling Wilmer in the painting below called "Life Under the Big Top."

"Life Under the Big Top"
"Life Under the Big Top"

In the painting below, "Kiss of Death," I have used the painted version of Wilmer.  Look for Whirling Wilmer to appear in many paintings in the future!
"Kiss of Death"

   Whirling Wilmer Balancing Toy By Sherwood In Box - 10" Wide X 9" Tall - Circa 1920    

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